Traceability Jowar Flakes

Thanks for shopping with Organic Wisdom. We value your association and trust in us. We believe in complete transparency and empowering our consumers to know what they are eating. You can click on the link, Organic Certificate to be assured that food products offered by “Organic Wisdom” are completely naturally grown and are residue, chemical & preservative free.

Step 1 - Sourcing

Ganesh Pawar

Our Farmer

Ramvadi, Vadapuri
Indapur District, Maharashtra

Meet our farmer, Ganesh Pawar, he could be seen in Ramvadi village toiling hard on his fields with a smile on his face. He derives happiness when he looks at crops which are organically grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Since, millet is a low water footprint crop, drip water irrigation & use of soil friendly bio fertilizers helps in sustainable organic farming for millets.

Step 2 – Processing

Sarojini Phadtare

Our Processor

Millets are then processed with love and passion in absolute hygienic conditions ensuring nutrients remain intact.

Step 3 – Packing

Rushikesh Pardeshi

Our Packager

Freshly made products are then packaged ensuring our consumers get maximum shelf life. To add to another layer of freshness, we put oxygen absorbers which ensures to absorb moisture and products are fresh for longer duration.