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Jowar (Jonna/Sorghum) Idli Mix - 400g

Jowar (Jonna/Sorghum) Idli Mix

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Net Weight : 400g

A healthier alternative to regular rice idli.

With instant Jowar Idli Mix, making jowar idlis is much easier and a blessing for busy lifestyles that most of us lead.


  • HIGH DIETARY FIBRE, to lower the risk of obesity, high blood pressure
  • INCREASED ANTIOXIDANTS, to protect cells against free radicals
  • GLUTEN FREE, to avoid digestive problems such as bloating, pain caused by gluten present in wheat or barley based foods
  • Full of IRON and MAGNESIUM, to allow increased calcium absorption & bone health

Jowar is a super food and makes for great recipes such as Jowar Upma, Jowar Dhokla, Jowar Ladoo, Jowar Pulao, Jowar Cheela and many more. You can also find jowar/sorghum rava on our organic online store.

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Why Us?

Organic Wisdom owns the complete process from seed to platter ensuring the best quality millets reaches you in its natural form. With Organic Wisdom, you always know where your 100% organic millets are coming from. You can scan the barcode on every pack and trace it back to the farmers & the processors.

With our online organic shop, you can order Jowar Idli Mix and relish the authentic flavors of traditionally processed food.


  • Natural Farming
  • 0% Preservatives
  • 0% Colours
  • 0% Flavours


Sorghum (Jowar Rava), Split Black Gram Lentils (Urad Dal)


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Jowar Idli Recipe

Jowar Idli Recipe

Jowar Idli is rich in protein & dietary fibre. Jowar (Sorghum) is gluten free & loaded with many other essential nutrients. It's a nutritious and delicious breakfast alternative for you and your family. With Organic Wisdom's JOWAR IDLI MIX, make this delicious breakfast.

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: Just gets ready in 20 minutes

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