About Organic Wisdom

Organic Wisdom is borne out of the relentless effort of a mother to provide wholesome, healthy, and naturally grown food for her family. While on this journey, we traveled back to our roots & did a profound & elaborate study of our rich ancient food heritage. We studied & researched the food pattern & eating habits of our ancestors with the help of health experts.

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    Natural Farming

    Millets by nature are organic (residue-free) as they are grown in dry land which needs very little water

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    Traditional Methods

    Helps to keep nutrients in food intact

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    Direct Connect with Farmers

    Helps to ensure natural farming methods being practiced by farmer.

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    Rich Food Diversity

    Diversity in food helps in better nutrient absorption

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Shikha Kaushik (Jewellery Designer)

I am a mother of two kids and quite particular when it comes to their food. I often look for options in market which can help me diversify their diets in a healthy way. I like their all millet offerings and they are part of daily breakfast menu. Ragi is extremely good source of calcium & jowar is rich in fibre and protein – kids find idli/ dosa tasty. My task as a mother get easier.

Kuhu (Student)

While casually browsing over the facebook, I came across the brand – Organic Wisdom. Am glad, I tried it out as it offers variety of millets – Jowar, Ragi in interesting variants. So far, have tried out their Jowar & Ragi Idli. Loved the taste & quality. It also gives me satisfaction of eating beyond usual rice and wheat and absorbing various other nutrients which are good for my body.

dr rajni priyanka

Dr Priyanka (Gynecologist)

Tried out Organic Wisdom’s Jowar & Ragi Rava, loved the taste. Product is very clean, stone grounded.