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Ragi/Nachni Rava - 400g

Ragi/Nachni Rava

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Net Weight : 400g

With ragi rava from Organic Wisdom, you can be assured of receiving gluten free & organic nachni rava. Ragi Rava is a healthy alternative to Semolina Rava, it’s one of the richest sources of calcium in the plant-based food category.


  • GLUTEN FREE, making it an ideal choice for gluten intolerant people
  • PROTEIN in Ragi helps in muscle building
  • High in dietary FIBER, aids digestion & weight loss
  • IRON in ragi fights against anaemia

Ragi/Nachni rava is a super food for young children and elderly. Recommended for diabetic patients because of low GI.

Organic Wisdom’s ragi rava makes for super tasty and nutritious recipes such as Ragi Upma, Ragi Ladoo, Ragi Porridge, Ragi Chilla, Ragi Pancake, Ragi Sheera, Ragi Dhokla and many more. You can also check our ready to use Ragi Idli Mix and Ragi Dosa Mix for instant delicious meals.

Categories : Ragi(Nachni, Fingermillet), Healthy Breakfast, Ragi Rava, Ragi Rava Idli, Gluten Free, Super food for kids, Diet Food, Low GI

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Why Us?

What's grown well digests well. What digests well serves the body well.

Our ragi is naturally grown and residue free. It is 100% organic, coming from the dryland region of Maharashtra. With Organic Wisdom, you know where your millets are coming from with feature of traceability. Best quality organic millets available online.


  • Natural Farming
  • 0% Preservatives
  • 0% Colours
  • 0% Flavours


Ragi Rava


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Ragi Rava (or Nachni Rava) Recipe

Ragi Rava (or Nachni Rava) Recipe

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