Traceability Jowar Idli

Step 1 - Sourcing

Pramod Hanumante Phadtare

Our Farmer

Vadapuri Village, Indapur
Pune, Maharashtra

Meet our farmer, Pramod Hanumante Phadtare, who manages a cooperative agricultural community of 400 farmers in Indapur, Maharashtra.

He has fields in Vadapuri in Indapur Village . We source Maldandi variety of Jowar.

This region receives scanty rainfall and farmers over here have no other source of water, this ensures that the millets produced in this region are naturally organic and are residue free.

Step 2 – Processing

Sarojini Phadtare

Our Processor

Millets are then processed with love and passion in absolute hygienic conditions ensuring nutrients remain intact.

Step 3 – Packing

Rushikesh Pardeshi

Our Packager

Freshly made products are then packaged ensuring our consumers get maximum shelf life. To add to another layer of freshness, we put oxygen absorbers which ensures to absorb moisture and products are fresh for longer duration.