Embrace a healthy lifestyle with Millets

Millets are one of the earliest known food to humans and also the first cereal grain used for consumption in early civilization. In countries, especially in India, China and Africa, millets have known to be grown as early as 2700 BC. Millets are a gluten free food produce and hence, it is designed to ensure we have a healthy body.

Millets like jowar, bajra, ragi, foxtail, buckwheat, amaranth, barnyard, broomcorn, kudo are an excellent source of high fiber and nutrients. By including them in our daily diet, we can feel more active and can also develop a better immunity against various diseases.

Simple ways to incorporate millets in daily diet

The introduction of Millets to our daily diet lies in the recipes that we make. There are a variety of ways on how we can add Millets, for example:

  • Millets can be grounded into a flour base and can be used to make Roti’s, Pancakes, Dosas, Crepes, Cakes, etc.
  • We can have millets in form of Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosa or Jowar Idli.
  • Porridges can be made using sprouted Ragi flour cooked by adding water, ghee and jaggery that is also perfect for infants.
  • We can also make a Pizza with millets. Yes, that’s possible. Simply replace the maida or all-purpose flour with millet flour and then the crust of the pizza can be a combination of foxtail and kodo millets.
  • We can make a Halwa with millets. Ragi is the most popular millet when it comes to preparation of sweet dishes.
  • Just like porridge, we can make tasty Biryani with millets. To garnish, just top it off with finely grinded apples and cinnamon.


Today, many of us have shifted towards consumption of rice and wheat in our daily diets, as these foods also have its own health benefits and are much easier to make. However, these staples are high in gluten and our Indian bodies are not designed to digest so much of gluten. That’s the reason in India, our ancient food has been millets. We need to diversify our platter with balanced inclusion of all these cereals. It is crucial to realize the nutritional value derived from Millets and include them in everyday consumption. Millets are a powerhouse of nutrients and ensure good health in the long run. It includes several vital nutrients that the body requires to go through the day. The best part is that it can easily mix well in our daily recipes and every kind of millet has different health benefits. Choose the one that suits you and make a healthier lifestyle change.

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