What are Millets: All you need to know?

Millets are whole grains that offers a rich source of nutrition to our body. Millets have had a strong presence in the history and you can find its mention in old Yajurveda texts too. They grow well in diverse small-scale low maintenance farming equipment resulting in food security for farmers as well. The most popular millets consumed in Indian households are Jowar (Sorghum), Ragi (Finger millet), Bajra (Pearl millet), etc.

The change in Millet’s consumption and its reasons:

If we look at the evolution of food in general, especially, in a county like India, Millets deserve a high recognition as it was once highly consumed by everyone. Millets have been an integral part of our rich ancient food heritage. The consumption gradually decreased and this was mostly due to aspects such as change in food habits, standardization of food products and government policies favoring rice and wheat products.

However, Indian bodies are not designed in a fashion to digest so much of gluten. Also, due to emergence of lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, becoming a norm in the society, Millets have started to resurface as a healthy diet choice. Did you know Millets, like Ragi, can help to maintain a healthy sugar level in your body? Yes, research suggest Ragi does help to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Millets have the characteristics of being non-gluten and not acid-forming foods, thereby making them easy-to-digest. Some millets like Finger millet have a lot of calcium, some like Qodo are rich in iron, Foxtail is a rich source of fiber and some like Jowar have good amounts of potassium and phosphorus.

In Conclusion:

Millets are naturally grown and hence they offer a powerhouse of nutrition in comparison to wheat and rice. It is time to include them in our daily diet and reap its several health benefits.

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