Why millets are called naturally organic?

Millets are being cultivated in India since prehistoric times. Our forefathers have grown up consuming millets. Millets are called Magical Grains because of the plethora of benefits it offers; not only to consumers but also farmers.

Millet is a dry land crop having capacity to grow without irrigation. Since, millets are rain fed crop, there is no need of fertilizers and chemicals to grow it, making millets naturally organic crop. Also, due to their resistance to pests and diseases, no pesticides and fertilizers are used for its cultivation.

Since, it’s naturally organic, there is no presence of chemicals and also it has no genetic modifications. They are rich in fiber and also are gluten free and thus play a vital role in preventing health issues.

For a water starved country like India, millets are a boon as they need appx. 70% lesser water than rice to cultivate which makes it an environmental friendly crop.

Millets can grow on marginalized land where soil is only few inches deep and can grow on harshest of soil. It can grow in semi-arid, arid regions. All these factors make it a farmer friendly crop.

In nutshell, millets are beneficial for consumers, as they are cultivated through natural farming, they are rich source of fibre, protein, iron, micronutrients and for farmers because of its capability to withstand harshest weather condition and very low dependence on water.

We at, “Organic Wisdom” source millets from Solapur district, a region producing very high quality millets. We source Maldandi, Dagadi variety of Jowar and Desi Ragi. Since, the region receives scanty rainfall and farmers over there have no other source of water, this ensures that the millets produced in this region are naturally organic and are residue free.

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