Can Ragi help with weight loss?

Ragi or Finger millet is a gluten-free food loaded with nutrients, primarily, calcium and protein, also rich amounts of iron and minerals. The consumption of Ragi helps boost immunity, improves digestion, induces sleep, strengthens bones, and fights deficiency.

Also called Nachni, it is one of the healthiest millet available. Ragi contains dietary fiber, zinc, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, iron and hence has various antioxidant properties.

Weight loss with Ragi

Ragi is a cereal that does not require much processing and hence, it retains its nutritional value. There are many reasons why people wanting to lose weight should include Ragi in their diet.

  1. Ragi contains Tryptophan which is an Amino acid, it helps in reducing our appetite. When appetite is under control, we tend to feel fewer hunger pangs that usually push us to consume more food.
  2. Since millets are rich in dietary fiber, they require more energy to digest. This helps in burning extra weight.
  3. Millets are low in unsaturated fats and ensure that our tummy feels full for a longer time. This way we don’t feel the need to binge eat unhealthy food at regular intervals.
  4. The fiber in Ragi aids in digestion thereby keeping our digestive tract healthy. With its regular consumption, we can bid adieu to stomach problems, like loose motions or constipation.
  5. Ragi contains polyphenols that help to eliminate the sugar from the body. This also helps reduce diabetes risk in obese people. Due to its low glycemic index, Ragi millet can maintain the blood sugar level in our body.

Starting the journey towards weight loss can be a stressful phase of our lives, but the antioxidants and amino acids in Ragi can help relax the mind and beat stress. Some research also suggests that the presence of these properties helps in insomnia and hence, we can have a stress-free sleep after a hectic day.

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